The Scots: A Genetic Journey

7570 stars
Alistair Moffat

The Scots: A Genetic Journey by Alistair Moffat PDF, TXT, ePub, PDB, RTF, FB2.

Title The Scots: A Genetic Journey
Rating 7570 stars
Author Alistair Moffat
Pages 272
Isbn 1780270321
Review I am totally fascinated by genetic science as applied to genealogy. The Scots are an amazing people, the variety of races interacting there, and complexity of events over the centuries and millenniums, is mind boggling. I will refer to this book many times over the years as I unlock my own DNA heritage.
The reading was a bit difficult at times because of my lack of knowledge of certain places, and my own weakness on British Isles history, but the presentation of data presented was more than enough food for thought. I enjoyed taking numerous bits and researching them more online.
Deep contemplation on even some of the minor pieces of information can evoke strong images towards what these people endured, and how nature and culture are so deeply intertwined.
Thumbs up. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Moffat's books, especially regarding the borders peoples. Our DNA is a book each of us carries, genetic science is truly unlocking the most fundamental, amazing story of who we ARE, Scottish or not.


I am interest in the history of my family ,so when traveling with my daughter in Scotland this book was brought to my attention by our tour guide. I have spent many an hour on the Internet and going through books trying to trace my father and mother's family. This book helped me understand that to say I am of English /Scottish heritage is an understatement ! Maybe one day I will be able to have my DNA traced and find the routes my family travelled to get where they are today. A very enjoyable read.

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